HAWK ON HEALTH – Cyber Fitness

With Heather Hawk
Healthy Planet Fitness Writer

It is a simple fact that we are a cyber-world, turning to the Internet for answers to most all of our questions relating to news, business, family, and medical issues. The Internet offers immediate information in large quantities, and at a reasonable price….free in most cases. This applies to health and fitness information with numerous websites dedicated to exercises, nutrition, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Success with an exercise program and a healthy lifestyle in general, comes from making the activities convenient and achievable. So how do you make that happen? You must be honest with yourself about your obstacles. Is time the greatest factor? Perhaps the gym is too difficult to get to in traffic? Do you feel you need guidance but can’t afford to pay a professional? Are you simply feeling bored and unmotivated? The Internet can be the solution to many of the issues by allowing you to get affordable information when it is convenient for you. You can then put the information to use at a time and place that works best with your busy life.

There are numerous websites dedicated to fitness and nutrition. Some offer free information while others are more in depth offering personalized or customized information for a small fee. Depending upon your particular interests and goals, it is beneficial to search several sites to find the content that motivates and challenges you. Here are a few of my favorite sites

Exercise: For a variety of fitness guidnence turn to websites such as www.fitness.com, www.shape.com, www.health.com, www.thebiggestloser.com, and www.exercise.about.com. Should yoga interest you, www.yogadownlad.com is dedicated to offering affordable, convenient, quality online yoga classes in a wide range of styles, experience levels, and lengths. You can turn your home or office into your personal yoga studio.

Nutrition: For healthy recipes for my family I look to www.cookinglight.com, www.foodnetowrk.com, www.eatbetteramerica.com, or www.skinnytaste.com.

Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant or recently had a little one then you are striving to get back the “pre-baby body”. During (and after) my pregnancies I’ve turned to www.fitpregnancy.com &www.mominmotion.com. On many occasions, I’ve recommended a local website to the moms I know. Fitness professional and former Rams cheerleader, Lindsay Brin, has developed a DVD series to keep mom healthy and fit during each stage of her pregnancy and help her achieve her post-pregnancy goals as well. The DVD series as well as phone apps and other resources are available on her site www.momsintofitness.com. Lindsay recognizes that “we don’t all work out during our pregnancies, but join the other 80% of women in exercising to get your body back!”

Searching the Internet for health and fitness information can be an integral part of achieving your goals. There are wonderful sites filled with credible information to motivate you. Be a “savvy surfer” by investigating the credibility of any new site, keeping in mind that most information has the writer’s personal twist.

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