Green Scene

With Heidi Schoen

Healthy Planet Green Living Editor


Welcome back to the GREEN SCENE, where progressive people, places and products aim to enlighten and empower us to live sustainably. Regardless of where our lifestyle is on the green continuum, each one of us can and should take simple steps to improve the state of our local and global environment.



Cook Green!  The VitaClay Multicooker is a fusion of the time-honored clay pot method of cooking and a modern electronic dual slow cooker and rice cooker, offering a new and excellent way to accomplish both tasks.  The VitaClay utilizes a mineral-rich liner made from all-natural, hand-selected Zisha clay that retains and enhances the fresh, natural flavor of food and preserves its natural juices and nutrients.  Unlike non-stick aluminum or ceramic cookware, the clay liner is pure and free of metals and chemicals like lead or Teflon.  I have used my VitaClay for months and it does an outstanding job!


Eat Green!  My farmer friend Kris and his wife Stacey have a new family farm and CSA Riverbend Roots Farm which is based in Alton, IL.  This spring the CSA will have pick up options at various sites throughout the St. Louis Region. Check it out http://www.riverbendroots.com/.  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a partnership between the farmer and the consumer whereby the consumer purchases a share from a farmer for the season’s harvest. This is fantastic way to get fresh, locally grown food and to work with and support our local farmers.


Save Green! When I do eat out or shop I love a discount especially when trying new things.  I am not a coupon cutter but sure love web based Groupon.  Daily emails arrive with new deals – most are non-chain local business! There are Groupons for all types of services and things you might need. There are Groupons for lots of cities throughout the US – check out the St. Louis offers at http://groupon.com/r/uu818551.


Love Green!  If you love green and have an interesting idea or product contact me at HSchoenTHP@aol.com