Fresh From The Farmer

By Nancy Smith, Board Member

Farm to Family Naturally


There has never been a more difficult time to be a farmer.   It seems as though so many odds are against them (including government regulations, big farm co-ops, new laws, etc.).  And so it is wonderful and exciting that some families are still dedicated to making a living by farming.  We have learned that sometimes a little help and counsel can turn a struggling farm into a growing family farm that can produce both a wonderful crop and a fair profit.


That’s where we come in.  Sappington Farmer’s Market is currently working with several family farms.  We are dedicated to helping continue a lifestyle that is wholesome, meaningful, and valuable to the community.  We are committed to proactively helping as many farmers as possible in an effort to sustain this noble lifestyle.  We provide information, guidance, and expertise as needed to as many farmers as possible.

We have also completed numerous studies that demonstrate marketing and distribution are the two biggest factors in making a farm successful.  Armed with this information, we actively assist farmers make simple changes that can help them remain viable for a long time.


It has been two years since six farmers purchased Sappington Farmers Market.  I am proud, and blessed, to be one of them.  I have personally written six grants for farmers without charging the farmers anything for the service.  All six of these grants have been funded by either the Missouri or the US Department of Agriculture.  This translates into professional fees and assistance to develop feasibility and marketing studies.  It provides money to purchase supplies, seeds, greenhouses, hoop houses, and stock.  This is vital to getting the farmer started.  But our commitment does not end there.  Sappington Farmer’s Market works with the farmers throughout the process.  After the crops (or livestock) are ready, we again help the farmers bring their goods to market using a variety of methods.  From start to finish, Sappington Farmer’s Market is there for the farmer.


And here is the most exciting part of the story.  We are also there for you.  We bring those great farm products to you, our customers.  By bringing farm products to urban consumers, we fulfill our mission of connecting farm families with health-conscious urban consumers.  Second, we help market the products to schools, restaurants and even other grocery stores.  Third, we even direct-market products to folks who want to purchase larger quantities like sides of beef.  Fourth, we are developing an online service called FarmsReach that connects farmers with restaurant and institution buyers.  It is our belief that this system could make a huge difference for both farmers and buyers, enabling the consumer to eat healthy local foods more often and in more places.


We are Sappington Farmer’s Market…dedicated to farmers and consumers who want to make a difference in life.  Come visit us and see the difference.  Contact us and give us your thoughts, comments, and questions (www.sappingtonframersmkt.com). 8400 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63119. 314-843-7848.