For Every Dollar Saved in Annual Utility Costs, Homeowners Can Expect to Add $20 to Their Home’s Market Value

By Travis Seeger

Wow, already looking at the end of the first quarter of 2010, my accountant says tax time is on the horizon and we are living the results of that darn groundhog seeing his shadow (still three more weeks?)!!!

Well speaking of tax time, some of our customers are getting a little break this year, about a $1500.00 break.  These customers bought a new qualifying system in 2009 and have benefitted not only in energy savings (as much as 60%) but also saved money on their taxes, got a few dollars back from the gas company, and most importantly did this all while increasing the value of their home.  According to the Appraisal Institute, “for every dollar saved in annual utility costs, homeowners can expect to add $20 to their home’s market value.”

We are very glad to see for this year the States are also helping homeowners with some additional incentives to save us money on energy enhancements.  Missouri incentives can be an additional $375.00 or more depending on systems and specifications.  Illinois residents have even richer tax savings!!  http://www.energysavers.gov /financial/70022.html  These programs coupled with the Federal incentives, manufactures rebates and spring specials, could save a homeowner over $3000.00 on a really nice comfort system!

This is an exciting time in our industry, we have seen a few years of sluggish sales due to the economy and lack of normal seasonal temperatures.  This past winter we were actually back at a “normal” heating season.  And due to this we had a very busy winter, we are hoping to continue that trend into spring and summer and help as many people as possible make earth-wise decisions on repairs or replacement of their home comfort systems.

One area that we believe is vitally important is the company that is chosen to provide this “service” in your home or business.  At Chesterfield Service we are reviewing all of our processes to find the best way to reduce our carbon foot print throughout the entire company.  As many people know its easy to say your green but its much more than that, its making wise choices on everything from copy paper to the next vehicle purchase.  One area that we are focusing on this year is our installation trucks, they are already turbo-diesel powered, but the sheet metal shop requires us to plug the vehicle “in” when we arrive at a jobsite to power the sheet metal bending machine, lighting and recharge battery powered tools.   We are implementing a solar panel system that will supply power for these necessities.

We strive to convey this path to our customers, some understand the urgency of reducing carbon emissions, some have to be shown how it makes sense fiscally to be earth friendly.  In either case we want to help customers make the wisest choice for their specific situation.  To learn more, contact Chesterfield Service at 636-532-5841.