Fitness Tips from the Experts: Personal Training at a Glance

By Terri Canis


Lisa Palmer of PerforMax Fitness Professionals and Jay Siefert of Studio Element Personal Training are two St. Louis based personal trainers that enable their clients to maximize their workouts.

Lisa, a mother of 3 children, was initially inspired to fitness by her stepson Nate.  Nate had been a personal trainer for 10 years and had a dream of opening up a family-run gym.  Working out has always been an essential aspect to Lisa’s lifestyle.  As Nate’s dream was becoming a reality, it was not a difficult decision for Lisa to join in the dream and become a personal trainer too.

In contrast, Jay Siefert was always involved in sports and later majored in Health Management. He completed an internship with Wellbridge after college and was hired as a personal trainer. He immediately knew that it was the ideal profession for him.  Jay has been a trainer for 14 years. He explains his passion: “I have always appreciated the capabilities of the human body and wanted to explore my possibilities.”

Why do you need a personal trainer?  Lisa notes that combining motivation with customization, emphasis on nutrition and accountability for your workout routine WILL enable you to meet your fitness goals.  Lisa advises her clients to use their whole body when working out.  To work arms, add a squat or a lunge with a shoulder press or bicep curl.  The ultimate result is that the client is working more muscles together and getting a better workout.  Lisa also encourages her clients to use interval training which consists of activity at high intensity for a period of time, followed by low intensity exercise for a period of time. These ‘sets’ are then repeated.

Jay focuses on “functional fitness regimens”.  By adding variable and different dimensions to clients’ workouts, Jay believes that his clients are able to gain functional strength and make the most efficient use of their time in the studio.  However, it is crucial that the clients have a proper mindset; hard work and dedication is essential.

Both trainers agree that the most important components of a fitness program should consist of individualized resistance training and cardiovascular training routines. Having a personal trainer will keep you engaged and motivate the body and mind.

Contact Jay: info@studio-element.net, Lisa: lisa.palmer@performaxstl.com,  Terri: www.stlexercise.comstlexercise@yahoo.com.