Fitness-Focused Caribbean Vacations Help Support Healthy Lifestyles at “My Destination Wellness”

By Jeff Kramer


Need a vacation? Most of us do. As many as 50 percent of Americans don’t get away at least once a year to rejuvenate. And when they do, it is difficult for travelers to maintain healthy diet and fitness regimens while on the road.

Imagine being able to continue or begin a wellness plan while enjoying white sand beaches, massages by the pool, fabulous cuisine and a posh, romantic Jacuzzi suite? That’s the concept behind “My Destination Wellness.” Delivering fitness focused vacations, My Destination Wellness provides beach-side exercise classes, personal training and Chef-prepared healthy meals while guests enjoy the El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels, by Karisma, in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

“Everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, deserves to feel what a healthier lifestyle feels like,” said David Pritchard, health and fitness leader, and creator of My Destination Wellness. “My work focuses on guests’ individual needs, maximizes their time and gives them true life changing result.”

With a holistic approach that extends beyond the vacation, My Destination Wellness adds customized fitness and nutrition plans to stays at two luxurious and private El Dorado properties. Plans are typically six, three or one-day itineraries, but any length of stay can be accommodated. A Wellness Concierge measures guests’ existing fitness levels, body fat and calorie burning potential, and works with Personal Trainers and Nutritionists to develop completely personalized programs. Chefs at the El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels’ award-winning, Gourmet Inclusive® restaurants deliver healthy, yet delicious meals based on guests’ individual goals and needs. The Wellness Concierge serves as a coach, fan, motivator and confidante for guests before, during and after their stays.

www.MyDestination-Wellness.com becomes their continued source for exercise and nutrition information, tips, motivational messages and recipes. It is also a place for former guests to share experiences and successes with experts and others working to improve their health and quality of life.www.MyDestinationWellness.com   or follow it on Facebook or Twitter for more information on the concept, programs and team.

To book a “My Destination Wellness” vacation from St. Louis, please call Jeff Kramer with TravelPlex at 1-800-282-6557 or via email at jeffkramer@primary.net.