Did you eat too many holiday cookies?

Dr. Alison DiBarto

It’s the New Year, you are a new you! You are going to exercise, eat right, and take care of yourself! Until you hit February and you’re alone watching late night TV with the bucket of ice cream and no one around to stop you. That’s where we come in! Join our 21-day purification support group this January to help yourself and others stay on track with your resolutions for a healthier you.

Is a purification program the right option for you? Did you eat too many holiday cookies? Want to diet and release weight but need direction? How do you know you need purification? Please, visit our website and take our toxicity questionnaire to find out if purification can help. If you need help now and you are suffering from allergies, digestive problems, bloating, etc, you should look at how your diet and environment are affecting you. Harmful chemicals can be found everywhere! Especially our water, air, food, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, plastics, and many more places. These chemicals are unnatural and our bodies can have a difficult time clearing them out when we are stressed, have digestive problems, hormone imbalances, or are just plain human. In order to cleanse our bodies we can use purification programs to assist our bodies in eliminating harmful chemicals from building and causing disease. We need to find a highly pro-active way to eliminate toxins and poisons in our body and replenish our organs with healthy foods. The best way to do that is through a purification program, exercise, staying hydrated and eating natural whole foods.

No matter what program you choose, always stay safe and healthy. Make sure the program allows for plenty of water, healthy foods, no starvation or free-for-all diets, and that you feel great while using it!

Our first meeting will be Tuesday January 12 at 6:30pm. We will discuss purification in depth so you can decide if you want to use the program. We will have three more support groups each Tuesday to discuss how we are doing and help each other stay on track. There will be special offers and discounts when you RSVP early and at the events.

Dr. Alison DiBarto is a chiropractic physician and applied kinesiologist. She focuses on holistic health and healing through chiropractic, nutrition, Reiki, and kinesiology. To RSVP and for more information visit www.HealingHandsHealingLives.com or call 314-647-3399.