Dear God, I Want A Baby Brother!

By Barb Daly, LMT

These are MY experiences and by NO means meant to  offend anyone of a different belief..If you know me, you know, I love everyone…right where they are…Please, in the reading…feel my heart.

I’m often asked..Have you always been like this? I know they are referring to my work…helping people with pain, but my honest answer is……YES!  I was born to QUESTION!!  My first word had to be WHY?

My first phrase was probably WHY NOT? and, finally, YES…I’ve always been very clear about what I want…My approach is a little unorthodox…I jump first, THEN figure out on the way down, how I’m going to land. So again…my answer is yes, my curiosity, stubbornness and fearlessness have  been the gift to help me find a way to help others.

This being said…The foundation of who I am, and the beginning of my story comes from my belief in God and parents that taught me the power of prayer.


Even at 2, I was a precocious child…I believe this is when my parents started to simultaneously go grey…So when I demanded that I wanted a baby brother…NOT just a sibling…but a BROTHER….My father in all his wisdom, directed me to One who had the ultimate control.


I, of course at 2 years old, would have had no way of knowing that my parents were having a hard time conceiving, so maybe their heart fluttered a little, imagining God’s heart turning soft hearing the plea’s of an ‘innocent’, learning to pray.


The night I demanded a baby brother, my parents sat me down and my father explained….The message was brief and to the point…GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!  He also explained that it wasn’t important to have the ‘perfect words’, but it was the intent of the heart…”We say words…but God hears the heart..God hears us anywhere at anytime calling to him, but getting on our knees shows a humility and a respect.” So, believing my father completely, I dropped to my knees….Even at 2, I must have been a talker, so my dad gently reminded me that prayer was like a conversation….a 2 way street…”Don’t do all the talking Barbie”, now be still…just wait…wait for a feeling, a knowing, a thought, a calmness that will comforts you like no friend on earth can….THEN you KNOW…God is talking”


As the years went by, my parents say I never gave up…You see, they also taught me that MY timing was not necessarily God’s timing…That God sees all past and future and knows the perfect time for things to happen…so I prayed….and prayed..


Three years later, on my 5th birthday…my little baby brother John was born…and as my parents laid him in my arms…they said….”Barbie, not only does God answer prayers, but he did it ON your birthday to prove it to you”

Today, the memory touches my heart, but to a 5 year old, who never doubted in the first place…It was JUST an answered prayer.


A few years ago in Sedona…In a group of life long meditators…I was asked if I meditate…”I don’t know for sure…but here’s my story”….When I was done, they all agreed that my parents at an early age taught me the gift of ‘being still’ and hearing the inner voice that nudges, comforts and guides.


This was the beginning of my journey, and I’m thankful everyday as I work on clients, that I was taught to ‘get out of the way’, be still, and above all…..BELIEVE!

Barb welcomes questions and comments and can be reached at InTouch Therapy 314.909.7777  or by email   intouchtherapy333@gmail.com.