Confused about Breast Health Screening?

By Linda Weber Spradling


There has been much controversy in the news lately regarding mammograms.  For many years women were told to start yearly, screening mammograms at age 40.  Since cancer is now the disease most likely to lead to premature death women are justifiably concerned that breast cancer will be the cancer they are most likely to get.  Now they tell us that we should wait to begin mammogram screening at age 50.


There exists a new and very effective diagnostic tool called medical thermography.  Thermography is a digital map of your body created by an infrared camera.  These images illustrate heat patterns in the human body.  These heat patterns can detect the presence of abnormalities that may represent disease in your body.  The benefit of DITI (digital infrared thermographic imaging) testing is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease; earlier detection than has been possible through breast self examination, doctor examination or mammography alone.  In the incidence of inflammatory breast cancer there are no lumps to be detected, but the inflammation can be detected by thermography.   DITI is very effective in screening young women with dense breast tissue, women with implants and women who are post-surgery with some remaining breast tissue.


Some doctors believe that repeated, unwarranted exposure to radiation can actually encourage cancer.  Thermal imaging is NON-invasive, is NOT painful, makes NO contact with your body and there is NO radiation.  The Meditherm system of medical thermography is FDA approved and endorsed by the United Breast Cancer Foundation as an adjunctive breast health screening procedure.  Meditherm sponsors major research programs at Duke University. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not yet cover this early detection screening tool.  The good news is that thermography is affordable for most people.


All thermograms are not created equal.  Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis uses the Meditherm MED2000 camera system.  Meditherm is well established as the market leader in clinical thermography – with the largest network of thermography systems installed in the world.  Your scans are analyzed by certified medical doctors who are specialists in the area of thermography.  All Meditherm scans are archived and easily retrieved for use in comparison with future scans regardless of which Meditherm clinic you visit worldwide.


Your health is in your hands.  Take control of your health by making changes in diet and exercise, and schedule a thermographic breast scan today.


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