Color Me Blue, Color Me Red: Bio-Cybernetics and Color Medicine Conference in St. Louis

By Simon Yu, MD


What is Color Medicine? Does Color really promote healing? It has been known for thousands of years that colors have profound effects on man and all living organisms. Colors have also been associated with symbols of mysticism and used for physical rejuvenation and emotional and spiritual healing.

There is probably no civilization or ethnic race where colors have not played a role to express or produce certain emotions to incite activities in sports games, religious or war ceremonies, to stimulate the sex drive, or to calm the population.

Colors have been used for medical therapeutic purposes over the ages. There are assignments of colors to certain organs, functions or conditions in the teachings of Ayurvedic Medicine with the Chakra system and Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture meridians.

According to Franz Morell, MD from Germany, it seems less well known in Western Medicine that colored light is of vital importance to life. Small animals, which were kept in total exclusion from light, became ill or died, although they had been fed well and had sufficient space to move around. It has to be mentioned that there is no such thing as a total lack of light, since, according to Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, every living organism has photon emissions which cannot be suppressed.

In his book, The MORA Concept, Dr. Morell describes a report about handicapped children living in a home who were extremely aggressive and difficult to educate. The children were kept in rooms which were painted in a bright shade of orange. This was noticed by a doctor who was familiar with the effect of colors. He arranged for the rooms to be painted a pleasant blue. It was like a miracle. After only two weeks the children were calm, had lost aggression, and were good and amendable to their training. The most astonishing observation, however, was the following: among the children were three blind ones. They were the ones who reacted first to the change of color. There had to be other perceptive organs besides the eyes.

Although I have been aware of the healing property of colors for many years, I was not truly intrigued until November 2006 at the International Symposium of Bio-Cybernetic Medicine in Germany. I heard a fascinating lecture on Color Therapy by Dr. Zenon Gruba from Australia.

Dr. Gruba claimed over 90 percent success rate for pain management with color therapy based on understanding the acupuncture meridians and Dr. Morell’s teaching on color therapy. His primary colors for pain are blue and red. He has a device called MORA Color which he modified. It can amplify the color frequency by 400,000 times to achieve a dramatic response very quickly. Once the correct color is applied it takes only a few seconds until the unbearable pain subsides.

His lecture on Color Therapy stunned the medical doctors from all over the world. It seems impossible and incomprehensible. He amplified the color frequency by 400,000 times by connecting several amplifiers. His actual results show that the most difficult pain is able to be controlled within a few seconds like magic!

Since, I have tried different variations of color therapy in vain with a modest response, I could not duplicate Dr. Gruba’s fantastic response to color therapy. Therefore in the summer of 2010, I went to Australia and spent 3 days observing Dr. Gruba’s color therapy at his clinic. I have witnessed the dramatic responses to pain.

During the course of studying color therapy, I found that color therapy can also be used as a way of unmasking hidden problems. I call this phenomenon, Color Contrast Therapy.

As an example, some people may have asymptomatic low grade dental infections and the initial acupuncture meridian assessment may appear well balanced and normal. However, after using color therapy, let’s say using color blue, when I re-evaluate the meridians, I would detect the hidden dental problem very clearly. I would then refer the patient to a biological dentist or oral surgeon, who understands the relationships between the teeth and the body, to correct the dental infection.

In another example, a patient complained of stomach or pelvic pain and also migraine headache which initially responded to parasite medications. A few months later the patient has recurrent symptoms. However, the acupuncture meridian assessment does not reveal the problems until I use a specific color which then uncovers the hidden gallbladder meridian or large intestine meridian disturbance. Once the underlying problems are uncovered, treatment is much easier by prescribing with appropriate parasite medications.

Color Medicine can be understood at the level of quantum physics and its biological effects. The healthy person needs full spectrum sun light plus cosmic rays. The unhealthy person needs additional specific color light. Only the correct color can heal your body.

I have been researching the effect of color at the finger tips of the acupuncture points with Professor Nihal DeSilva, Ph.D. We were able to demonstrate the photon excitation with color Blue/Red and measure the changes with the Raman spectral analysis. We are excited to submit our research finding to the Bio-Photonic journal. We demonstrated that acupuncture points at the finger tips also have photon receptors besides the eyes.

If you are interested in color therapy, you may try color therapy on your own. For health professionals, save the date for September 9, 10, 11 of 2011 for the Accidental Cure Conference on Bio-Cybernetics and Color Therapy. Dr. Zenon Gruba from Australia has been invited for the conference and workshops. The list of prominent speakers includes Dr. Gary Gordon, Hal Huggins, DDS, Douglas Cook, DDS, Fuller Royal, MD, Nihal DeSilva, Ph.D., Tony Cocilovo, MA, Barbel Aldridge, ND, Mike Rehme, DDS and many others. The Accidental Cure Conference is just around the corner to uncover the mystery of Bio-Cybernetics and Color Medicine.

Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Alternative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about alternative medicine as well as patient success stories visit his web site at www.PreventionAndHealing.com  or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion by Dr. Yu on Alternative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Please call to verify the date and reserve your space.