Colonics Reduce Bloating, Increase Energy

By Cindy Caldwell


Do you wish you weren’t BLOATED ALL THE TIME???  Do you wish you could feel better?  Do you wish you could have a normal, easy bowel movement?  How about more energy…could you use some more of that?  Colonics or colon hydrotherapy may be your answer.  Decreased bloating, increased energy and improved bowel movements are the most common things that clients testify to when they receive colonics.


What are colonics, colon hydrotherapy, or colon irrigation?  They are all the same procedure…bathing the colon with filtered water to help hydrate, re-train, and stimulate the colon.  As water works its way into the colon, fecal matter is softened, lifted and eliminated.  Colonics encourage the colon to eliminate more easily, efficiently, and regularly.


Did you know that 80% of your immune system is based in your colon?  So if you get sick a lot, maybe you need colonics!  Getting rid of old waste material has to help your body to work better…it only makes sense…and I promise – the procedure is not as scary as you think it is.  It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t messy and it doesn’t smell.  If you want more information, go on our website…www.holifit.com.


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