Clean Air Partnership teams with EPA to bring EnviroFlash air quality forecasting service to the St. Louis area

Article courtesy of the St. Louis Regional

Clean Air Partnership


This summer, individuals in search of the latest air quality information need to look no further than their e-mail inboxes. Thanks to a new partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership (The Partnership) is now providing area residents with access to the EPA’s EnviroFlash e-mail air quality alert system.

EnviroFlash is a unique feature developed by the EPA that allows subscribers to register online to receive daily e-mail alerts. The daily alerts provide recipients with the local Air Quality Index (AQI), and a list of suggested safety measures for days when air quality levels are predicted to be unhealthy. The air quality information provided through EnviroFlash is the same information provided by local radio and television stations and newspaper outlets.

“As the hot, humid days of summer settle in, ozone pollution becomes a concern for our region, making it important for area residents to stay up to date on the latest air quality conditions,” said Susannah Fuchs, senior director of environmental health for the American Lung Association of the Central States and spokesperson for the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership. “EnviroFlash makes it easier than ever before for the public to access the air quality forecast so they can plan their outdoor activities accordingly and take additional steps to do their share to clear the air on days when air quality is at its worst.”

To sign up for EnviroFlash, area residents can log-on to The Partnership’s newly updated website at www.cleanair-stlouis.com and click on the EnviroFlash link. The service officially went live on the site on May 14, in conjunction with the start of air quality forecasting for the 2010 season.

“Many individuals have already signed up to receive their daily air quality forecasts via EnviroFlash, and we encourage them to spread the word and encourage their friends, colleagues and family members to do the same,” noted Fuchs. “It’s a really convenient and reliable way to stay informed about air quality conditions. And as the region prepares for the time of year when air quality is often at its worst, the information provided by EnviroFlash is critical for protecting the health of the entire community, especially children, older adults and those suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.”

For more information on the EnviroFlash air quality alert system, or to learn about steps you can take to improve the region’s air quality and help St. Louis breathe easier, visit www.cleanair-stlouis.com or call the American Lung Association at (314) 645-5505, ext. 1007.