Ask The Manifestation Maven

Kimberly Schneider,

M.Ed., J.D., LPC


Dear Kimberly,

I have a big home renovation project I’ve been putting off for months.  I even bought a lot of the materials and started tearing some things out, and now everything is in chaos and I just can’t seem to get motivated to finish.  What’s my problem? Emily


Dear Emily,

If you’ve been putting off an action or a project, it’s always good to ask yourself:  “How important is it, and to whom?” What made you take on this home renovation? Is it something you were really excited about at the time? Was it your idea? Often we don’t complete something we’ve started because we don’t really want to do it in the first place.

Now, in your case the house is already torn up and you are tired of living in chaos.  So now the question becomes:  is this a job for someone else? Maybe you need to hire in some help.  You might have decided to do the project yourself to save money, but having your house in chaos is costing you energetically and possibly financially as well, since you can’t perform at peak levels at work or at home when you are stressed and disorganized.  It’s time to either:  1) say “no”: to some other things and commit to finishing this project, or 2) bring in the professionals.

Let’s assume you’re going to take on at least some aspects of the project yourself.  If so, you need three things:  a serious internal commitment, a deadline and a realistic assessment of the amount of time the project will take (add 30% to whatever # of hours you would have said…that way you won’t get frustrated with delays and surprises).   Spread the hours out over the time leading up to the deadline, put them in your calendar and follow your plan.

Finally, decide to enjoy the process.  Have fun with it! Put on some great music, keep a sense of humor and imagine how good you are going to feel when you complete the project.  But don’t wait until it’s finished to smile.  Congratulate yourself on honoring your inner commitment and take pleasure in the journey.  Good luck!  Kimberly


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