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Kimberly Schneider,

M.Ed., J.D., LPC


IRELAND:  Land of Shapeshifters and Dreamers

Do you ever wish you could go back in time? I’ve always been fascinated with ancient civilizations.  As a child one of my favorite books described the 7 wonders of the ancient world.  I started reading historical fiction about the Roman Empire’s relationship to the Hebrews, Celts and early Christians before I turned 10.  I majored in Classical Studies, enamored with the religions and customs of the Greeks and Romans.  More recently my focus has been on earth-centered religions, especially Celtic spirituality, which I’ve studied and taught for over a decade.

It seemed to me that the spiritual life of ancient people had more immediacy and relevance than in the modern world, where messages of spirit are often divorced from daily choices or lost in an ocean of technology, information, celebrity and “news.”  Some part of my soul was longing to slow down, to be more present, in deeper communication with the Divine throughout my day.  Last summer I discovered a place where the old magic I imagined still lives:  western Ireland.

I’ve visited many wondrous places.  I’ve paid homage to early Christians in the Catacombs, cried before the Pieta, marveled at Michelangelo’s David, floated through the Blue Grotto on the isle of Capri and prayed with John of God.  I’ve watched rainbows stretch across the sky in Hawaii, communed with the Red Rocks of the desert, felt the earth spinning as I lost myself in an avalanche of stars on a Colorado night and swum with sparkling schools of fish in the Caribbean.

While each of these visits shaped and moved me, none of them brought the numinous to life with the intensity I experienced on the west coast of the Emerald Isle.  It’s the way the sky and the landscape change from moment to moment, mirroring your own inner shifts.  It’s looking out from the cliffs at Dun Aengus and sensing that the Irish Otherworld is floating out there, just beyond your sight.  It’s listening to Irish voices raised in song, whether around a peat fire, at the local pub or standing next to a towering cairn in the highlands.

This summer I’m returning to Ireland to revisit the magic and facilitate a weeklong workshop on exploring the edges of your soul through Celtic spirituality and landscape.  Want to come with me? You can read more about it at:  www.KimberlySchneider.com/trips

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