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How Much Vitamim D Do I Need To Take?


Is there a natural remedy for snoring?


Q: I get Vitamin D with my calcium and get a little bit of sun a couple of times a week.  Should I take additional Vitamin D?

A: The RDA for Vitamin D used to be 400 IU’s.  It has now increased to 1,000 – 4,000 IU’s per day.  Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption and it has now been shown that it is vital in the maintenance of bone strength and prevention of fractures, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation.  Much research has been done on Vitamin D and cancer prevention.  Most people seem to be deficient in Vitamin D and must supplement.  It can even improve your mood and help with depression.  Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to heart disease, hypertension, chronic pain, IBS, PMS, Fibromyalgia and MS.  If you are going to use a supplement, it is very important that you take Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).  This is the proper form that is equal to sun exposure.  Remember, for disease prevention, get your D3!


Q: My husband’s snoring is driving me crazy.  Any suggestions, besides sleeping in separate rooms?

A: Snoring is a huge problem.  It is very common that a spouse is causing lack of sleep because of his/her snoring.  The person snoring is also not getting a good night’s sleep.  There are many causes of snoring.  About three-fourths of people who suffer from acid reflux tend to snore and/or cough.  Many snorers are overweight, have allergies or asthma.  Snoring is caused when the airflow from the mouth or nose to the lungs is disturbed.  This blockage or narrowing in the airway causes the tissues to vibrate against the back of the throat, and you get the snore.

Other than the obvious; weight loss, if necessary, there are a few natural remedies you can try.

• NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is an amino acid  that helps to thin mucus and open airways.

• Schisandra extract can help shrink swollen tissues.

• Sage leaf tea is an astringent herb that dries the sinuses.

• Bromelain is a protein-digestive enzyme which comes from pineapples.  It can break up and thin mucus making it easier to breathe.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing swelling.

• Bitter orange helps eliminate excess phlegm and congestion.  It shrinks swollen tissues, and dilates respiratory passages for normal breathing.

You can usually find a combination of many of the above supplements.  These are often very effective in the prevention of snoring.


This herb information is for health education purposes only.  It is not intended to replace the services of licensed health practitioners.  Consult with a physician for any condition that requires professional care.

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