With Cathy Burkemper


Should I Avoid Drinking liquids with meals?

What is a “Healing Crisis” With Colon Cleansing?


Q: Someone told me that I should not drink any type of liquid along with my meals.  Is this true?


A: If you have any type of digestive disorder, then I would agree that you should not drink any liquids with your meals because liquids taken with solids dilute the action of digestive juices, thereby making complete digestion more difficult.  This would also include any type of soup.  Soup should be eaten at least 15 minutes before solid foods or a minimum of 1/2 hour after.  Also, if you do drink with your meals, never drink extremely cold beverages as these will freeze the cilia in your throat making it harder to swallow.


Q: I want to do a rather strict colon cleanse which involves juicing and taking a lot of cleansing supplements.  My friend warned me that I may go through a healing crisis.  What is that?


A: A “healing crisis” occurs when your body is overloaded with toxins and tries to eliminate them rapidly.  There are five channels of elimination in the body:  colon, kidneys, skin, sinuses and the lungs.  In addition to frequent trips to the bathroom, you may develop a rash; have skin breakouts, sinus congestion, headaches and/or general flu-like symptoms.  During this time, your body is breaking down waste and trying to rid itself of the toxins.  Approximately 80% of all diseases start in the bowel.  When undigested food rots in the colon, byproducts are reabsorbed through the intestinal wall and then deposited in the joints and other body tissues.  This is sometimes the cause of arthritis.  It is almost always the cause of belching and gas.  This is why it is so important to cleanse at least once a year.  In order to feel better during your cleanse, add enzymes.  These will aid in the breakdown of toxins.  Also, drink lots of water.  Try to be patient.  The crisis will pass in a few days and you will feel much better in the end.  Not everyone will go through a healing crisis; it depends upon how toxic your system is.


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