Acupuncture & Immunity for All Ages

By Dr. Sharon Fitelson


It is very important to keep the immune system finely tuned, not only in Flu season, but all year round. This year, the attention put on the H1N1 flu strain and the overall seasonal flu has us all acutely aware of the need for flu prevention.  The reality is that we should always be building a healthy immune system, as it keeps us from getting allergies, infections, autoimmune disorders and cancers, not just the flu.

Why do only some of us get sick, but others are just fine?  It has to do with the overall strength of our immunity.  The immune system is comprised of various organs and glands–the thymus, spleen, lymphatic and adrenal glands, etc.–that must work in synergy:  When these organs work in perfect synergy, they can ward off viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and damage to the integrity of our DNA ( aka genetic expression).

There are various vehicles for keeping our immune system working at its peak:  eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, drinking water, routine exercise, 7-9 hours of sleep each day, reducing stress, having fun, regular chiropractic tune ups to the nervous system, and acupuncture.

Acupuncture is the original holistic medicine, and its main goal is to balance the electrical energy in the ENTIRE body.  Acupuncture stimulates various electrically conductive points on the body that are found on pathways known as meridians.  Illness or dis-ease occurs when there are blockages to this energy.  By stimulating certain points, we open up the flow, and health can return.

In particular, the immune system is strongly influenced by the lung and large intestine meridians, and the liver, kidney, spleen, and stomach meridians.  An acupuncturist diagnoses any imbalances in these meridians via pulse and tongue diagnosis.  We also use electrical devices that measure the blockages and then can CREATE AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF YOUR IMBALANCE. Often (but not always) people can be helped in 10-15 treatments.  If one is acutely ill, the treatment can bring down fevers, open sinuses, help mucous drain, and fast forward the progress of colds and the flu.  If we catch your illness early enough, the treatment will help to keep channels open so the illness does not occur or fully develop.

Acupuncture can be performed on children with light pressure, gentle tapping and stroking of the appropriate points. Children respond quite well to this delicate stimulation.   Adults often get needle or laser therapy, as they can generally tolerate the longer periods of “quiet” required for full acupuncture treatments.  Both ways are effective, as long as the patient is comfortable.

The bottom line is that it is extremely important, especially this year, to keep your resistance up!

Acupuncture is a treatment modality aimed at assisting your body’s natural balance without harmful chemicals or other invasive procedures.

Consider a tune up soon for yourself, your children and your entire family.  Contact InMotion Health Center and Dr. Fitelson at 314.644.2081 or online at www.imhc.com.