Why Would You Learn To Do Hypnosis?

By Rev. William Mitchell,

Pastor First Baptist Church and Director of Mitchell Institute of professional Hypnosis is a pastor,my training in seminary had been very traditional. When I was approached about learning to use hypnosis to help people,I called a psychologist that belonged to my church. My psychologist friend said, “Hypnosis is great! I use hypnosis often with my clients. No need to be afraid of hypnosis. It is not going to cure everything, nothing does! Hypnosis is a valuable tool for many people.”

My friend was so right! Hypnotism has helped my clients in all types of pastoral counseling, pain management, weight control, smoking cessation and confidence issues such as sports psychology.

See www.mitchellinstitute.com for more info about hypnosis training. My next training is Oct.16-23.

You could start a new career as a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist, a part-time practice or incorporate Hypnotism into what you are already doing professionally.

Hypnosis is far more than a party trick! Harvard,Yale, Stanford and many of the finest academic institutions include hypnosis in their research and as a vital component of behavioral medicine programs. Hypnosis is a safe and very efficient way to help and guide individuals to discover their own inner resources. Doesn’t Every Therapeutic Intervention Involve Suggestive Communication or a Shift in Thinking or Sensory Experience? Hypnosis is a process of focused communication that allows the client to use their own power for self-help,maintaining health and healing.

“Hypnosis allows for therapeutic possibilities simply not likely through other means. This alone warrants serious consideration.” (Michael Yapko, Ph.D.,Family Therapy Magazine, Aug. 2008).

My practice as a Hypnotist has helped thousands of people with very real and practical problems.  Once a  person experiences the pleasant relaxation of hypnotic trance, all fear is gone and they can access their own inner resources for healing or change. You may want to add Hypnotism to your skill set so you can offer help to more peolple. One of my clients ,Becky Nave of Decatur,IL. Lost 80 pounds and then took my training and helped her diabetic husband lose 120 pounds to avoid dialysis. Another student, a counselor, used her new hypnotic skills to begin offering weight loss sessions to her clients after she began releasing weight with hypnosis following our training class.

Habit control, pain management, sleep issues, stress, emotional issues, sports enhancement etc. can all be successfully addressed with Hypnotism.

I have a class scheduled in Chicago in October and I am forming a class in St.Louis,MO.. For more information contact me at: Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis  2700 W.Lawrence Suite N Springfield,IL. 62704 800-662-3040 www.mitchellinstitute.com email : hypnosisclinic@sbcglobal.net.