Naturopathic Doctor Says Optimal Health is More Than The Lack of Sickness.

By Shaneice Thomas

The first step to understanding naturopathic care is realizing that your body is its own healer. It is also important to recognize that prevention is the key to optimal health, which is more than the lack of sickness. Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Christy Jenkins is passionate about helping people become ambassadors of their own health and is dedicated to finding solutions to complex issues. In conversation with Dr. Jenkins, I discovered that she is a wife of 22 years, a mother of two college students, and a native of Indiana. Her medical background consists of nursing in the areas of psychology, geriatrics, and internal medicine, as well as being a traveling physician and presenter of naturopathic research. Over the past 14 years, she has owned and operated the only 24-hour Elderly Group Home in St. Charles County, along with an Adult Daycare and In-Home Health Agency. While caring for her patients she integrates natural medicine and herbal remedies.

Dr. Jenkins incorporates only the best in Eastern and Western health care methodologies to identify one’s health conditions. Her specialties include Women’s Health, Geriatrics, and Digestive Disorders. Her approach is patient-centered, non-invasive, safe, and result oriented. She is especially dedicated to helping women safely balance their hormones without the use of pellets and synthetic drugs. Another issue near and dear to her heart is the eliminating of “dis-ease” and agitation frequently identified in the elderly. She believes that aging should not equate to a limited quality of life.   Her other area of expertise lies in solving digestive issues through nutritional counseling, targeted detoxification, food allergy assessments, and weight management.  Her diagnostic skills allow her to find deficiencies seen simply in the appearance of the nails and skin, as well as in the meridian lines of the tongue. She also utilizes a special non-intrusive technique to determine patients’ level of immunity and the presence of parasites and bacteria in the body.

As an innovator, Dr. Jenkins believes in using various methods to reach her clients.  She is willing to provide consultations via email, video conference or by phone. She also enjoys the opportunity to visit patients at their residence which is a service rarely provided in today’s health care system.

In choosing Dr. Jenkins as your practitioner, she will identify the underlying causes of your condition, give you affordable payment options, and create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health.

For more information please call Dr. Jenkins, ND at 636-697-5199 or visit www.nathealthsol.com.