Help Create Food Packets To Commemorate World Food Day

A child dies every six seconds from malnutrition and related illnesses according to reports by the World Health Organization.  St. Louisans are invited to help address this critical need at a community event on October 14 and 15 at the The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, a not-for-profit working to eradicate malnutrition and preserve the planet through plant science.  The Center is hosting for a second year, a World Food Day Commemoration with a goal of packaging 500,000 meals with the help of 3,000 volunteers.

World Food Day marks the founding of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and is designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year around action to alleviate hunger.

In 2010 1,900 St. Louis volunteers, packaged more than 350,000 rice/soy protein meals during the Center’s two day event that were sent to critically malnourished children living in Tanzania.

St. Louis children (age seven and up) and adults are invited to come into the Danforth Center and, in a one hour period, be part of a team creating food packets for delivery to a location in peril. After packaging, volunteers tour the Center and greenhouses and meet members of the scientific team from around the world to learn about their research to provide long-term solutions to improve human health, feed the hungry and renew and preserve the environment for future generations.

Each package provides nutritionally complete servings for six children. The food is designed to reverse the starvation process, help restore health, and improve mental and physical alertness. The sealed packages have a shelf life of three years.   The cost of each life-sustaining meal is approximately 25 cents. Built into this cost are all the ingredients, packaging, administration, and international shipping of the food. These costs will be covered by the Danforth Center, our generous sponsors and donations from the volunteers.

Students are asked to donate $10 and adults $20 per person for this event. Their tax-deductible contributions will be matched by other generous donors and sponsors so that the full cost of a one hour packaging session – approximately $30 per person – is covered.

To register, please visit www.danforthcenter.org.

In addition, from October 3-16 is “Scan and Give” at Schnucks to benefit the Danforth Center’s World Food Day.  Schnuck Markets will offer their customers (at checkout) the chance to scan for $3/$6/or $9 (1 bag of food/5 bags/10 bags).