Healing Toxic Overstimulation

By Jamila Owens-Todd,  Naturopathic Doctor

As we evolve and expand as a society, we also increase our toxic load of overstimulation.  We all understand that the chronic exposure to chemicals promotes dis-ease but what do we do about it?  Many have struggled with being exposed to heavy metals, candida overgrowth or even food allergies.  The question still remains as to why?  The labs may confirm these unfortunate events, which are partly due to the liver’s inability to break down toxins due to being overwhelmed.  My concern is the next course of action.  Is it wise to address an overburdened system with more synthetic supplements that, yes, the liver also has to eliminate?

There is a time and a place for everything.  I am more than aware of the healing benefits provided by using supplements, herbs and homeopathics.  Should these be our initial healing options?

In science, you learn about kinetic (motion) energy and potential (stored) energy.  The potential energy is that of non-moving objects.  The point of it being “potential” is not to say that is has no energy due to its lack of movement.  The “potential” is the building, growing and evolving of this calm and still object. As we sit calm and still in nature or meditation, we are restoring our bodies by enhancing our potential energy.  This energy provides us with our innate healing.  There is great action in inaction and tapping into this as a healing option can bring about relief, especially if we are already overwhelmed.

Holistic medicine is different for everyone.  It is important to find unique alternatives to support your healing journey.  We are all healers and we own some of our best tools to healing.  We just have to quietly listen to our potential.


(Back to the Basics):

Total avoidance – avoid places that knowingly uses chemicals (restaurants allowing smoking, nail salons, perfume counters), avoid plastics, ditch household cleaners for a mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar, introduce some organic produce, invest in an air purifier, consider wool carpet or cork flooring. Reduce!

Nature – take time outdoors, find a remote area in a park, away from vehicles and buildings. Spend 30 minutes per day (15 minutes in winter) taking in fresh air as often as possible. Connect!

Meditation/Prayer/Quiet Observation – as we decrease the chemical toxins, we MUST reduce the emotional toxins.  Releasing negative thoughts would be the therapeutic result. Listen!

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