Getting Rolfed: What’s In It For Me? How About Feeling Better?

By Alan and Sally Cina,  Rolf Structural Integrators

Structural Integration, the work of Dr. Ida Rolf, is a systematic approach to releasing the tensions and torques in the body so that it is aligned in gravity.  Often the body feels and responds like it did when we were younger. The work is slow and methodical covering the entire body 3 times during the 10 Series.

Dr. Rolf found that she needed to ask different questions to arrive at new conclusions.  Instead of focusing on the problems and symptoms of the human condition, she applied the ideas of mechanical physics to the structure of the human body. She looked at how to organize the body to gain greater efficiency and how to make the work effective and create long lasting change. Some of this was focused on the fascia and its functions. Fascia is the connective tissue, the tendons and ligaments and the wrapping around the muscles and bones. Dr. Rolf was one of the first to realize the importance of the fascia.  The scientific community will just be holding its Third International Fascia Research Congress in March 2012. Dr. Rolf increased the understanding of fascia and how to work with it.

Dr. Rolf found that the body is in layers similar to an onion. Fascia is the stuff that is in between the layers. The goals of Structural Integration include getting the layers to operate interdependently with each other. For many of us the layers have gotten stuck together in a few places, which changes the way we move or function. Our habits shape the habitat of our body. Imbalances in movement and/or adhesions in the tissue cause joints to wear unevenly and restrict how well we move and decrease our range of motion. The specific approach of Structural Integration eases the fascial network and balances movements to shift patterns gently over time.  The work systematically addresses the functional layers sequentially, in some ways like peeling an onion.

Have you been Rolfed? Which means, have you experienced the whole 10 Series? Each session in the 10 Series builds on the work of the sessions before it. Each session relates the fascial networks in one functional sector of the body to the person as a whole. The work is a cooperative experience as you are part of the process of change by relating to your body better. The work is inherently personal and individual. No two sessions are exactly the same, as no two people are exactly the same. The process of personal development and change does not end with the final session of the 10 Series. Over the last 50 years the experience of thousands is that Dr. Rolf’s 10 Series is an effective and empowering place to begin changing your relationship with your body and feeling better.

Alan Cina has an office in University City, and is also working in the Springfield, IL area once a month. Sally Cina has an office within Yoga Source on Big Bend in Richmond Heights. Alan and Sally also offer 4-handed sessions, which offer greater integration and exponentially more effective sessions.

Alan & Sally have been working in the community for many years. You can find out more information about the them and Structural Integration at http://www.RolfSTL.com or follow us on Facebook @ Cina Structural Integration.

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