Art of Entertaining Helps with Meals as Schools Start Again

By Leah O’Donnell; Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor

As the summer comes to a close, it seems life gets hectic again and figuring out what to have for dinner seven nights a week can be daunting.  The Art of Entertaining, located at 8796 Big Bend Boulevard in Webster Groves, MO has the perfect solution for you.   Family Night is EVERY Monday!  For only $25 your family can enjoy a complete meal that includes a fresh garden salad, Italian bread and butter, your choice of TWO freshly made casseroles, and four assorted homemade cookies.  This is enough food to feed four or more people.  I have made a habit of picking up the family night dinner on Monday nights and am thrilled to say the two casseroles provide enough food for my family of five to have plenty of leftovers.  This is the best deal around and the food is incredible.  A few of my favorite casseroles include the Turkey Tettrazini, the Cannelloni, and the Beef Stroganoff.  There are many varieties to choose from each week and they are always adding something new.  “I like to try new things and keep it interesting,” says The Art of Entertaining owner, Ann Lemcke.  This is true from the different casseroles available to their full catering menu.

The Art of Entertaining also offers a “light” casserole option and a full lighter side menu.  Items available include low fat and low calorie options.  This is ideal for anyone watching calorie intake because the meals include nutritional values.  Gluten-Free menu items are available each week along with low-sodium choices.  Many people have different dietary restrictions and The Art of Entertaining wants to provide options for everyone.  “Someone on a low sodium or restricted calorie diet should not have to sacrifice flavor,” Lemcke says.  “We add in different herbs and seasonings to create delicious meals for different dietary needs.”  They really do cater to their customers.

Visit www.theaofe.com to learn more about their menu, catering options, dinner specials, and family dinner night.  You can also sign up to receive their specials by email, which I highly recommend.  I am always glad to be reminded by email about Family Night and other promotions they have available.  Stop in at 8796 Big Bend Boulevard, Webster Groves, MO 63119 or give them a call at 314-963-9899 to pick up some delicious meals today.