Where Have all the Flower Children Gone?

by Dr. Alethea Eller

Headed to a backyard barbeque last weekend, my husband and I were decked out in our best 60’s attire. I had borrowed a “vintage” dress my grandma had hand sown and my husband was sporting a velvet bow tie. What would you have worn to resurrect the hippie movement? We went to celebrate a family member’s 30th wedding anniversary, children of love and peace!
I pondered as we drove, “Where have all the flower children gone”? Are they still feeling the vibes and following their innate spirit. Intermingled in the mix of baby boomers, are they hiding out?
The hippie era was pretty short lived but put into motion an energetic force all its own. These free spirited souls emphasized following their heart. We can thank them for bringing this awareness into our society. New and old flower children are found all over. I see their spirit in artists, creativity, meditation, yoga, and healing.

In a western world that separates our body, mind, and spirit. You ask how you can be anything but whole and complete. You choose your thoughts wisely, creating balance in your soul. You integrate your health with all these aspects and know your vitality rests on this cohesion. Life is just as it should be.

I ask you to entertain this concept in your own health. Consider that maybe your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing given its’ current condition. It is possible that there is nothing wrong. In fact, it is probable that your body is doing exactly what it is designed to do. Any complaints you have are reactions created by the body given certain stresses. Transformations in health take place we ask where the stress is coming from. What is it that your body is reacting to and why is it reacting? Answer these 2 questions and then implement the appropriate response.
I may have missed the hippie movement years ago; however I am appreciative of where it brought us as a society. It is my honor to participate in the journey of health for so many and hope your journey is one that brings love and peace!

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