Stressfest: The Modern Expression of an Ancient Process

by Dr. Daniel Fazio

Stress is implicated in nearly every health concern we encounter. From routine headaches to heart attacks, digestive complaints to depression, stress shows up in our discussions on a daily basis and for good reason. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the ‘S’ word, and why our modern version has such an effect on our health.

No conversation about stress is complete without mentioning a physiological phenomenon known as “the fight or flight response.” When discussing the fight or flight response we are referring to the body shifting into a state which is concerned with immediate survival. This response involves the release of “stress hormones” into our bloodstream which ready us to either fight or run for our lives. Earlier in our evolution the release of these factors into our circulation was often followed up with a substantial expenditure of energy geared toward our survival. This expenditure of energy is a crucial factor in the body returning to a healthy/sustainable balance post stressor.

In our modern society a steady stream of lower level stressors on a daily basis is more common. This constant low level interaction with stressors initiates the same release of stress hormones in the body as in life threatening situations but without the resolution of the response, “the burning off” phase. When the body doesn’t engage in a substantial energy expenditure or “burning off” of the hormones, the stored effects of stress begin to accumulate in the body.
The organs & glands within our bodies contain receptors for stress hormones and upon sensing their presence they begin modifying the way they are doing their jobs. Shifting into a sustained partially-expressed stress response depletes the body of certain minerals and co-factors and interferes with the clarity of mind which we need to be effectively engaged in our lives.
We all have stress in our lives, the question to ask yourself is, “am I adapting or mal-adapting?”

We leave you with these three thoughts.
1. Stress is implicated in every disease process
2. It is much easier to prevent a degenerative disease process in the body than to cure one
3. Your family history to certain disease states need not be your fate.
At Roots of Wellness we have great success utilizing chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, counseling, supplementation, meditation & bodywork to help our patients minimize the negative effects of stress on their system.
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