STL Beds “Goes Green” With Mattress Recycling Program

by Doug Belleville – Owner, STL Beds

While some stores say they have gone green, STL Beds has done more than talk the talk. As a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council and a voluntary member of Ameren UE Pure Power program, they have made a commitment to themselves, their customers, and most importantly to the environment and are proud to be the first to offer mattress recycling as an option in St Louis. Since 2008 recycle, reuse, and energy savings has been their promise and they’ve taken steps to educate the community on various ways to recycle mattress and box springs.

What happens to the old mattress and box spring in the recycling process?

Mattress and box spring are made up of steel, polyurethane foam, cotton, fabric, and of course wood in the base that can be recovered and recycled. Solid recycling programs exist for the steel, and a market for the foam exists as well. Fabric and wood that comes out of old mattresses and box springs are also recyclable. Our Local recycler is committed to seeing that these components are properly recovered and are reintroduced to the market place in a safe responsible manner.
Many waste disposal companies claim that the value of the recycled materials cannot be recovered from mattress recycling alone. We think the recyclable components of a bed make sense financially to be reclaimed as a responsible alternative to dumping them in our landfills which are running out of space. The fact is mattresses can take up to 25 cubic feet of space and can take hundreds of years to properly decompose.

We have mentioned in the past that there are a few operations that recycle mattress sets across the USA and even worse the practice may not spread nationwide without appropriate funding. Since it typically costs $25.00 to dispose of a mattress set through most waste disposal companies, it is our hope that you will help us offset our costs to carry out this green effort by paying a small fee to do so. We ask that you please consider our environment, long term sustainability, and support STL Beds in our personal effort to help change the way mattresses are disposed of in St. Louis. With peoples support we can make a difference right here in St Louis.

STL Beds,1360 Jeffco Blvd., Aronold, MO 63010. Cost $25.00 or FREE with Mattress Set Purchase. Pick up used mattress? Fee is based on zip code, call for a Free Quote 636-296-8540 www.STLBeds.com.

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