Are You “Fit for Golf?”

by Michele Johnson LMT,
Owner Vitality Unlimited Spa

If you, or someone you know, loves playing Golf, the Spring weather has likely had them dusting off their clubs and planning their tee times best they can around the spring storms. This also means that for those who are just getting out for the first time after the winter months, you might have noticed some aches and pains in your back, shoulders, wrists and legs. These aches and pains are your body’s way of telling you that it has some areas you could work on to make your game better!

Getting In Shape Has A New Twist!
Vibrational Therapy, also known as Vibrational Medicine, puts a scientific twist on “getting in shape.” It’s based on a scientific principal that all matter vibrates through natural energy. When injured or damaged, energy in our body becomes out of balance. By standing on the Vibrational Plate, which shifts under your feet at speeds of 30-50 times per second, every cell in the body is naturally stimulated helping it harmonize its energetic rhythm and promote healing and balance of all bodily matter. In addition, your muscles naturally reflex attempting to stabilize the body creating an increase in circulation and stimulus to the muscles resulting in toning and strengthening similar to a full body 1 hr work out in just 10 minutes.

This concept has been used by athletes in Europe for years and has contributed to the enhancement of muscle strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, increased performance and overall health and wellness. Today, many professional athletes tribute Vibrational Therapy as their “miracle cure” to a speedy recovery from their injuries and helping them develop greater strength, agility and greater bone density.

Direct Benefits for Golfers
• Increased Flexibility leads to better range of motion in your golf swing.
• Increased Strength leads to longer drives and less muscle fatigue.
• Improved Balance and Posture supports coordination and the control of your swing.
• Helps Eliminate Back and Muscular Pain.
• Increases Energy and Weight Loss occurs from overall increase in your metabolism.
• Fast and Easy!
Response to the therapy will vary per person, but typical results have been seen in as little as one month of 10 minute sessions scheduled 2-3 times per week!
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