Ameren Rewards the St. Louis Area Foodbank for Going Green

The St. Louis Area Foodbank got a little brighter in recent weeks with the installation of energy-efficient light fixtures in their Bridgeton warehouse and volunteer center. It is also anticipated that for every dollar saved in energy costs, efficiency will be improved an additional $4 due to productivity – improved morale for employees and volunteers, in addition to reduced absenteeism.
Before the renovation, the Foodbank’s lighting was over 10 years old. The installation of the 158 new lighting fixtures was done by a local company – Innovative Facility Solutions. Old bulbs and fixtures were recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. The Foodbank has received a certificate stating that the bulbs have been responsibly recycled.

Previously, replacing individual bulbs with a scissor lift was both time consuming and costly. Maintenance costs on the new lighting will be minimal for the next decade.

Ameren supported the energy-saving project by issuing a rebate check for more than $9,800 to the Foodbank. The remainder of the upgrade will pay for itself in energy cost-savings in approximately two years.