TransFigure Total Health Now Provides Medical HCG Program

Jane Arrington, R.N.

For the past few years TransFigure Total Health, through the HCG diet, has enabled clients to lose up to 30 pounds or more over a period of several weeks. Many people who have failed using other diets have gotten into shape through this 1950’s program that focuses on releasing and recirculating stored body fat. Recent research has confirmed the efficacy of this tried and true plan.

“It’s so exciting to watch people lose so much weight so fast using our program,” says Jane Arrington, CEO of TransFigure. Usually the program starts with an optional detoxic week, including only fruits and vegetables. The goal is to clean the colon, liver and intestines quickly. Clients begin to feel better almost immediately and start losing some of their cravings. “The fact that they also lose weight during this period only proves to stimulate them even more”, says Arrington, a licensed Registered Nurse.

Transfigure total health is now offering a medical HCG option.  This new enhanced weight-loss program provides physician-directed services offering the highest level of medical supervision for those who may have special concerns about dieting.  As we frequently hear, it is always a good idea to consult a physician prior to engaging in any weight loss program.  For this reason, it makes perfect sense to receive HCG that has been prescribed by a physician and formulated under sterile conditions at a professional pharmacy.  In addition, the program takes a complete medical history and performs a battery of laboratory tests to ensure that one is healthy prior to starting the diet, and that one will remain healthy throughout the course of dieting.

For additional information, contact Jane Arrington, R.N. at (314) 304-3380.

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