Program Blends Ecological and Economic Challenges for Gifted Kids

What do landfills have to do with recycling? Politics with business plans? That’s some of what academically talented students, grades 3-8, will ask when they explore the tradeoffs between economic desires and environmental realities in ECO Academy, June 13 – 24.

ECO Academy, blending ECO-nomics + ECO-logy, is one of 11 Summer Academies sponsored by Gifted Resource Council (GRC). The council has sponsored high-interest, hands-on enrichment programs for bright students since 1983. GRC’s 2011 Summer Academies will be located at Crossroads College Preparatory School in the Central West End.

Students in ECO Academy explore the relationship between ecological responsibility and economic entrepreneurship. They form a company, sell stock, research needs and materials, develop and execute a marketing plan, and make a product and profits while remaining ecologically friendly.
Working as a team, these young ecologically minded entrepreneurs will learn about the stock market, running a business, the division of labor and economies of scale. They may even discover a way to benefit the environment while being economically viable.

The experience of thinking critically about how our environment and our economy interact will empower them to be more effective stewards of the environment as adults.
For more information, call 314-962-5920 or visit www.giftedresourcecouncil.org.

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