Nature Wisdom

with Pat Tuholske Naturalist

Nature Deficit As modern humans, most of us seem to be moving away from Nature. We spend most of our time sitting with a screen, driving our cars, and working indoors. Our daily lives are more and more separate from the natural world. We have to make an effort to be in Nature – to take a walk, to see the stars, to smell the wildflowers.

Nature Deficit is making us sick in body, heart and spirit. We have a basic cellular need to be in Nature. Allow yourself more time with Nature and you will surely feel healthy and alive.
Become aware of an aspect of Nature that is in your daily life — the tree in your back yard, the potted plant on your windowsill, the rock on your desk, the birds nesting in the neighborhood, the wild weeds growing at your doorstep, the feather you found, the dog or cat you live with. What they have to teach us is of great value. Pay attention, open all your senses and listen.
There are hundreds of ways to be with Nature. Step outside to smell the air. Meander through your community. Sit under a tree. Be still and watch the clouds. Follow a butterfly. Plant some flowers. Volunteer at a shelter. Pick up trash. Sleep with the windows open.

Open to what Nature is showing you and act upon the lessons you receive. There is no greater teacher or healer than Nature. Instinct is the language of Nature. If you have a gut feeling to do something, don’t hesitate to take action. It may be as simple as picking up a piece of litter, feeding the birds or repotting your plants.

There is a great intelligence within Nature – an intelligence that knows the innate order of the living Earth. All animals, insects, plants, minerals and the planet know this order. It is how they live out their lives. We can learn much from engaging in the process with wonder and respect.
We share this planet with many other realms. It is egotistical to think we are the only species of any importance. This is a sad mistake. Separating from Nature has manifested a people and a planet in great need of healing. This healing begins in heart and home. From there it will spread out to all you encounter.

Turn your Nature Deficit into Nature Abundance. Notice how life improves. If you’ve closed the door on Nature, open it once again.
Check out Pat Tuholske’s journal “Nature as Healer” for musings on the Human-Nature relationship. Go to elementalearthcamp.com. Pat is the facilitator of Elemental Earthcamp “off the grid” eco-camp and shamanic retreat in the Missouri Ozarks.

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