Man Up! Don’t Ignore Your Body’s Check Engine Light to Live Longer & Healthier

by Dr. Stephen Costantino

During my nearly 10 years in practice, I’ve noticed an alarming trend in who does not come through my door: MEN! Barely 30% of my patient base is male, which is why I was pleased to learn that, each June, Congress encourages Americans to observe National Men’s Health Week (NMHW), June 13-19, 2011. Founded in 1994, this campaign was created to increase awareness of preventable health problems, promote early detection, and encourage treatment of disease and injury among men and boys.

At Delmar Chiropractic, we believe that increasing awareness and encouraging care for preventable health problems is critical to immediate relief and long-term wellness. The better we listen and faster we respond to the signals and warnings our bodies send, the better we will look, feel and be.

Did you know?
• On average, men die almost six years younger than women
• Men suffer the top causes of death at higher rates than women
• Men are more likely to be uninsured than women
• Men live sicker and die younger than women
SOURCE: Men’s Health Network

Many men are more likely to put new tires on their car than get new shoes for their feet, let alone proactively pursue preventive health care. Even though pain is your body’s version of a check engine light, statistics suggest that many men are more comfortable ignoring the signals until things can’t be ignored … and when is the best time for your body to give out? On the golf course? Before an important presentation? Lifting your children or grandkids?

While there is no optimum time for a breakdown, there is always time for a tune up. Taking steps like managing stress and staying active or eating healthy and visiting the chiropractor to sustain wellness are exponentially beneficial. Preemptive steps can help before health care treatments become extremely expensive and unavoidably invasive. So, don’t ignore your body’s signals and don’t let small issues become bigger and more expensive problems to fix. To reiterate the brilliance of Benjamin Franklin, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In the spirit of NMHW, encourage the men in your life to take advantage of Delmar Chiropractic’s free wellness assessment consultation and complimentary hydrotherapy massage. Mention this ad to receive a men’s wellness starter kit. Delmar Chiropractic is located at 7171 Delmar Blvd., Suite 200 in University City, 63130.

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