Irresistible Community Builders Presents: The Jolly Green Giant is Awakening

by Tom & Carol Braford

Something is happening in St Louis and it’s no accident! A green velvet revolution is underway!
A couple of years ago, a small group of people started asking each other the question, “If you could have St Louis be any way, how would you have it be?” Then they set out to discover how to have it be that way and what barriers stand in the way.

Among other things, they considered both how we speak and how we listen. The result is something they call “You and I”.

The instigators of this movement, Liz Kriegshauser and Michael Houlihan, along with a powerhouse of a recruit from Denver named Rachel Davis, have fomented a grassroots revolution in St Louis that is every bit as real and dynamic as the one sweeping the Middle East.
Fortunately for us, however, this is not a revolution that is being fought in the streets with rocks and guns, but one that is consciously designed to elicit the best in ourselves and others.
It’s really very simple and I definitely invite you to try this at home with your friends and family. Get together in groups of three. Take turns asking each other these questions: “In any area of life that is important to you, if you could have it be any way, how would you have it be?”
Then ask, “If you had a quantum leap in this area, what result would be present?”; “In this area, if you could collaborate with anyone, with whom would you collaborate?”; “What disempowering or limiting belief is present?”; and “What action or result would shatter that belief?” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I invite you to try it!

At this stage, a few hundred people have engaged in this conversation and are producing phenomenal results in their lives and in community projects. In our case, the Network of Integral Urban Ecovillages we have dreamed of for years is becoming a reality through our speaking, the generous listening of others and the actions we are taking in collaboration with others. www.youandicommunities.com

To learn more about the first ecovillage and plans for a whole network of them, join us on May 21st for our monthly tour and open house at 11:00, followed by a potluck lunch.

Culver Way Ecovillage:
Tom & Carol Braford

Green Beings Urban Farm:
Michelle Erhard

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