Feel More Joy: Raise Your Serotonin Levels Naturally

by Dr. Alethea Eller

A salute to all moms!

You give everything to your children. It seems that you are hard-wired for this to benefit you. I was sitting in a seminar a few years ago and heard the most interesting link our body has. Women have an internal trigger when they serve others. I ask you, is there any service like motherhood?
Some days you are pushed to your limits and yet you always get recharged and continue the selfless service of giving as a mother does. When you serve, your body releases serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for providing a sense of joy, peace and fulfillment in your life. Isn’t that amazing! Our creator hardwired us to be replenished and restored when we give of ourselves.
Men, you have an internal wiring also. Women crave serotonin more, but your body craves a neurotransmitter called dopamine. You release dopamine when you are protecting, and during more aggressive activities. Men even get dopamine release watching sports and playing video games. As baseball season has begun here in St. Louie, my husband pretty much yells at the TV for 9 innings. I think it is crazy! He gets a rush from it, a dopamine rush. Men are hardwired to be refreshed by things like this.

When you truly want to address your whole health, these links in our body become of upmost importance. Our emotions that we have, whether it is service or protection affect your physical body. Your health is a complex connection between the physical, emotional and chemical forces in you. Analyzing this my friend is “whole” health care. It is an innovative form of diagnosis that isn’t present in mainstream medicine.

If your health falls short of your desires, not only will you find more answers by utilizing this analysis, you will also hold the opportunity to bring vibrancy to your health that was not present before. I invite you to explore the possibility of treating your body in this way to achieve breakthroughs in your health.

Dr. Alethea Eller practices at Innovative Health Partners. While mainstream healthcare specializes in separating you and your body, Dr. Eller makes connections in your health to create the vitality you desire. Her practice is in Chesterfield MO. Find out more at Innovativehp.com.

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