Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week and Give Compost a “Grow”

by Ashley Bement
St. Louis Composting

At. Louis Composting invites everyone to join in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week, May 1-7, 2011. This year activities span the globe with celebrations planned across the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia and Ireland — composting advocates will be encouraging everyone, everywhere to Compost!

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) focuses on broadening the understanding of compost use and promotes awareness of composting. Globally, we show that innovative programs and successful efforts have improved community sustainability and promote the use of renewable resources in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture. Together, we can put a face to composting.
For the past 13 years ICAW has grown in both strength and numbers of celebrants through its compost advocates. International Compost Awareness Week serves the important role of bringing the compost message to the attention of the public, businesses and other groups. It is also a fun and educational week of events that offers an opportunity to learn more about the many benefits of composting while enjoying the backdrop of fun activities. St. Louis Composting is utilizing the week to promote the compost message through compost discussions, State ICAW Proclamations, and backyard composting bin promotions.

The state of Missouri’s House of Representatives has put in place a Resolution to honor The Composting and Organics Association of Missouri (COAM) and observe International Compost Awareness Week, May 1-7. St. Louis Composting is a member of COAM and is thrilled to have the organization and a very important week, like ICAW, recognized by Missouri Representa-tives.
We will also be celebrating International Compost Awareness week on May 3, 4, & 5 at three of our composting facilities. On May 3, we invite our customers to meet us at our ORMI Facility – 13060 County Park Rd. Florissant, MO – for BBQ, snacks and veggies that would grow GREAT in St. Louis Composting’s compost and soil blends. On May 4, we will have the same at our Belleville Facility – 3521 Centreville Ave. Belleville, IL – and on May 5 we will end our celebration of ICAW at our Valley Park Facility – 39 Old Elam Ave. Valley Park, MO – with more BBQ, snacks and fresh veggies! To educate our customers more about compost, its benefits, and how to start composting at home, we will be hosting a “Give Compost a GROW at Home” workshop. The workshop will be on Wednesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 5 at 4:00pm at our Valley Park Facility. Registration is NOT required; just show up ready to COMPOST! We will be selling The Earth Machine home composters as well as giving one away during each class.

If you cannot make it to any of our events, be sure to celebrate ICAW at home. Start your own compost pile or incorporate our Black Gold Compost into your lawn, landscaping and gardens and see its benefits for yourself! For more information about the benefits of compost and composting at home, you can also visit our website at www.stlcompost.com.

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