Best Bargains for Your Diabetes Wellness… Save 40%-50% on A Cardiovascular Event… aka Heart Attack, Stroke

by Jennifer Tobias

No, this is not an advertisement to sell procedures, products, or equipment. It is way of presenting some statistical facts gathered by leading experts in the field of public health matters and offer tips that can help folks make great strides in beginning or continuing on their road to wellness.
In the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet provided by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Diabetes is seen in 11.3% age 20 or older population, and 26.9% of the 65 and older population. The incidence of diabetes is ever increasing and at alarming rates.

I want to share 4 statistics with you for the purpose of “power”. The power I speak of is your power. You have the power to choose in life. Use these statistics to motivate and guide you in choosing your health and wellness path.

I have discovered in life that it is often the simple, easy, and inexpensive things we do that brings us the “best bargains”. The bargains can be huge amounts of happiness, friends, energy, and wellness. Everything has a price! Bargains are just more for your investment. But let’s look at the four statistics to see just how much more they can be:

• Every percentage point (%) drop in A1C (3 month blood sugar) can reduce risk of vascular related complications by 40%. (e.g. =8% to 7%).
• Reducing the diastolic B/P (bottom number) from 90mmHg to 80mmHg reduces risk of major cardiovascular events by 50%.
• B/P control decreases risk of cardiovascular disease by 33% to 50%.
And the big one I want to share is this:
• Lifestyle intervention to lose weight and increase physical activity decreases development of diabetes by 58% in population below 60 years old and 71% in those over 60 years old.

Here lies the Tip and the Best Bargain of your life:
Lifestyle Interventions….those things that promote all the above; weight loss, physical activity, decreased A1c and B/P. That’s it. Simple. Inexpensive. Doable.
As owner of the Diabetes Wellness Center St. Louis I believe in bargains; especially when they promote health for those who are ready to exert their power of choice. This is one investment guaranteed to generate dividends for years to come regardless of the economy!
Current clients testify to the powerful difference this program is making in their lives! Join us today. Call (314) 630-3733. Weekly classes Monday nights – 6 PM Richmond Heights Center, 63117. Private consults by appointment.

Jennifer Tobias is the owner of the Diabetes Wellness Center St. Louis; a published author, nutritionist, registered nurse, and health and business coach.

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