Sacred Motherhood, Sacred Grandmotherhood

by Kathleen H. Christ, LMT, NCMBT

Recounting the current woes and hardships of our culture could fill many pages, and as mothers and grandmothers, watching our children manage as best they can, can be a heart-wrenching and mind-numbing experience. If you are a prayerful person, you may feel that you live permanently in that mode. These trials can grow heavy on the nervous system, and self-medicating can become a way of life.

I am a mom of 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren, plus, we have been a military family for over 4 decades now, and my husband and my son have both been to wars. What I would like to share with you are the possibilities and the opportunities for miracles, even and perhaps especially, in the most extreme situations. Add to that the newest findings in biochemical research, and do I have some info to share!

Scientists have discovered that while a child is growing within its mother, there are exchanges of cells and cellular material. It is significant enough that when the child is born, the child has living within its body some of its mother’s cells, and the same is true for the mother with the child’s cells. These living cells continue to grow, separate and reproduce throughout the life of the mother and the child. When the mother dies or the child dies, no matter who goes first, those cells of the mom within the child die – a principle of quantum physics. So, when our mother dies, it’s not just the emotional attachment that has been broken, some cells within our own bodies die. We experience a withdrawal both physically and emotionally. And, it can be very painful and may require a significant time for adjustment. If the child dies first, the mother experiences this same physical and emotional death on a cellular level. When I tell people this, everyone who has already lost their mother or a child agrees with me– they have personally experienced this and they know already that it’s true.
So, what I am suggesting is that our children’s cells are alive and well within us, and if we enter into a sacred space for healing and prayer, some of our children’s cells are present and affected as well. As we become more peaceful and focused, their cells do too, and through quantum physics, their entire bodies begin to resonate on a higher frequency. As we experience more clarity and expressions of the higher virtues of compassion, understanding, wisdom, patience, certainty and courage, our children on a cellular level do too. So, if we enter into a fast or retreat especially for a child, as we change positively, at the same exact moment, our child is directly affected as well. As our own body becomes clearer, as our own channel is more able to send and receive through thoughtful prayer and meditation, our intentions are greatly magnified, and the results can be nothing less than miraculous and usually quite surprising. Sometimes we don’t know or learn of the changes or events until months afterward, but when we do, the gratitude and divine love pouring forth is overwhelming and usually cannot be contained. The weeping for joy and thanksgiving comes from our core.

This same principle applies when our children are in distress, and this is why and how we absolutely know when something is wrong – their cells within us are quivering; biochemically it is very real. If we aren’t clear or we are numbed out, then the signals won’t be transmitting well, and we could be missing some important information. If the signals continue to be overwhelming, then we may want the system to shut down, and we may even help it to close down. But, if we know a better way to transform the experience into a miracle, then everything begins to change, step by baby step.
All of this applies equally to our mothers, and if we and all of our siblings entered into a fast and prayer experiment together, think about the collective miracle for our moms! It gives new meaning to the wish of “have a Happy Mother’s Day!”

I will be explaining these principles and various options to transform these experiences on Saturday, April 30, 2011, 1 to 3:30 PM. Please call the St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center at 314-432-5228 for more info or reservations.

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