It Is All About Sustainability…and hCG?

by Dr. Alethea Eller

I am eyeing that patch of my yard at the top of the hill that will soon be our vegetable garden. The kids love the cherry tomatoes that they pick mid-summer and eat fresh off the vine. I am a bit curious to see if the raccoons will take all my cantaloupes again this year.

Sustainability is all about keeping a balance and not depleting our resources. I realize that my small garden in the county won’t come close to covering my family’s needs for the summer. I garden mostly because I enjoy it and I want my kids to learn to care for their world and to know the flavor of a fresh picked veggie. Caring for our world and ourselves naturally flows into the conversation of sustainability. Allowing time for replenishment is necessary for balance.

I treated a mother recently who had “depleted her resources”. She felt burned out and short tempered with her 3 young children. She felt her energy had been zapped. The “tummy pooch” she acquired through multiple pregnancies, showed no signs of leaving. She wondered if she just needed to accept this was her life right now. What do you think? This is a conversation I also have regularly with post-menopausal women. They feel the similar frustrations of feeling depleted and resigned to a life of much less vitality.

Is “burn-out” real. As a human, can we deplete our resources? If you are constantly responding to stress and are not allowed time to refresh and replenish, of course your resources will deplete! How could they not? The good news is that there are ways to replenish the body.

Replenishment is ruled by a part of your brain called your hypothalamus. Under severe “burn-out” and adrenal fatigue, my top pick for restoration is homeopathic hCG. I do a hypothalamus resetting program working with hCG that allows the body to “reboot” much like a computer does. Yes, a slimmer figure is sure to emerge with the hCG program as well as energy and renewed metabolism. This “rebooting” is a fantastic form of replenishment! Because I also treat the underlying causes, the results will last. Your health is your most valuable resource. Allow it to renew and you will have balance and sustainability for years!

Dr. Alethea Eller practices at Innovative Health Partners in Chesterfield. Find out more about her hCG program by visiting us online at www.innovativehp.com under “What We Do”.

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