Be A Compliant Pet Owner!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

The onset of spring reintroduces exposure to many new challenges to our beloved pets as they begin to explore our yards and woodlands. Thereby, it turns out to be a usual time for a majority of pet owners, to receive reminders for our pets’ annual examinations and routine health care. I encourage all pet owners to follow up and keep to a proper schedule of veterinary care. A thorough health exam along with preventative health actions like fecal examination for parasites, a blood exam for heartworm and other potential mosquito and tick borne diseases, and in many cases today, your vet may introduce an opportunity for other actions like dental cleanings; or diagnostics like a general blood exam, an ECG for heart review, or radiograph and ultrasound. These technologies ensure that our pets are screened for less obvious medical problems that may be on the rise. It also provides your veterinarian with a solid reference base to review when clinical problems arise in the future. Not unlike the care we humans receive as medical patients. Your obligation, as a pet owner, is to be compliant to these visits, sometimes suggested two times annually, in certain clinics.

Other episodes of necessary pet owner compliance deal with any sort of follow-up to diagnoses and treatments that your vet has implemented. Google is an amazing tool, but often, as pet owners surf the net they may come up with alternative actions for a diagnosis your veterinarian has offered. Certainly, it is always a fair choice for you to search, learn, but then, always discuss your findings with your vet. Too often, people tend to assume that something discovered on the net is more correct than what your vet told you. Hopefully, either your veterinary clinic, or you as the pet owner, will stay in contact as a means to follow up on your pet’s response to treatments and suggested home management guidelines introduced by your veterinarian. And, when you think you want a second opinion, I always instruct my clients to allow us to refer them to a specialty service, housing board specialized veterinarians whose special training provide a more in depth incite into your pet’s problems. Jumping to another general veterinary practitioner can yield an inadequate response, wasting precious time for your pet.

In review, always follow through with those instructions for pet care, as presented by your veterinarian. If you have questions or concerns about a suggested protocol, simply call and ask for verification of instruction. Be careful to avoid changing drug dosing schedules, or dose amounts. This choice can produce very negative results for you and your family critters. Have a wonderful spring season!

Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM
Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic

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