Your Skin Is Like Your Lawn

by Linda Hoff

Is beauty only skin deep? The answer is “NO!” Then why are we so concerned with finding the best skin care products or the perfect makeup? Why are we wasting so much money on expensive serums, lotions and creams, only to be disappointed again and again? Because we do not understand our own bodies. So what do we need to have healthy beautiful skin? Healthy skin comes from the inside. Just like a beautiful lawn requires more than just rain, healthy skin requires more than just cleansing.

An enviable lawn needs the right soil with the proper mix of nutrients to create a suitable Ph for growth. Then it needs to be fertilized and watered regularly to continue growth. Too wet and you end up with fungus, too dry and everything runs off the top. Weeds take over and your grass dies. There is also raking and tilling. All of this needs to be done year after year to maintain your vibrant beautiful grass. This is easy for all of us to understand. So, why is it so difficult to apply the same principles to taking care of our bodies?

Our skin is our largest detoxifying organ. That means that the health of our bodies can be seen on our skin. Eating junk foods, not drinking enough water, smoking, binging on sugary treats, soda or alcohol, over-the-counter medications and not getting enough rest all impact the functioning of our skin. Acne, eczema, rosacea and premature aging skin are all signs that we need to get healthy. All can be addressed by changing what’s going on inside our bodies.

A holistic approach can lead to improvements in all types of skin conditions. The added bonus to looking better, is we also feel better. Revitalizing and rebuilding healthy skin tissue is the key to lasting beauty. Going through a whole body detoxification program and utilizing body detox wraps and internal supplements in addition to professional facials can have a lasting impact on every aspect of our lives.

Let’s dedicate this year to spending as much time taking care of our bodies as we do taking care of our lawns. The end result will be well worth it. Better health, restored energy, rejuvenated skin and a renewed outlook on life. Revitalizing and rebuilding healthy skin tissue is the key to lasting beauty. Wishing you gorgeous skin and a beautiful lawn.
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