Saint Louis Vegetarian Society Meatout Dinner March 26

by Chris Rathouz

MEATOUT is not about vegetarians or converting people to a vegan lifestyle. It is about showing the regular public how not eating meat every day can have a tremendous and positive impact on their health and the environment. Although it would be great if everyone became a vegan, that is not what we are asking.

MEATOUT is an international event taking place in all 50 states and over 30 countries. The goal is to make aware the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle and provide wonderful alternatives to animal products. It began in 1985 as the largest grassroots diet education campaign, asking everyone in the world to give up meat for at least one day. MEATOUT typically is celebrated on the first day of spring, or any date close to that.

The Saint Louis Vegetarian Society is proud to have been a participant for over 10 years! In continuing our tradition, we will be hosting a vegetarian dinner, silent auction, and vegan baking contest on March 26, at the First Congregational Church, 6501 Wydown Blvd from 5:PM to 7:PM. (more information online at stlveg.org)

Saint Louis Vegetarian Society hosts several events each year, and most of our guests are NOT vegetarians! We attract “everyday people” looking to explore or maintain a better diet, lifestyle, and a more conscious way of eating and living. Our goal is not to convert, –but to inform, show by example, and support.

Proven health benefits of the vegetarian diet and the success of MEATOUT events have inspired the Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, the American Heart Association, and others to launch their own vegetarian campaigns. Meat consumption has dropped by over 25% in the United States, and meat-free foods have not only increased, but given rise to new industry and commercial opportunities.

Environmental impacts of a vegetarian diet reflect cleaner water and air, more forests and wildlands, greater biodiversity, and less disease. Animal rights issues are fairly obvious –but in numbers– a single individual can save over 6,000 animals by simply living a vegan lifestyle.
All of you are welcome to attend, hope to see you there.

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