Plan On Doing A Detox? Read This First!

by Dr. Alethea Eller

Is it too early to be thinking of spring? I must say that my thoughts are drifting to warmer weather. In fact, I found myself adrift at a local department store the other day. Was I checking out the clearance section of long sleeved clothes? – of course not! I was floating through the new summer items “channeling” spring to come quickly! Maybe you too can relate.

I am grateful to live in a place where we experience all 4 seasons at their best. The new life of spring may not have the appreciation it does without the retreat of winter. I have always been fascinated how Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates seasons into the analysis of health. In my office, when analyzing a patient, seasonal influence is always considered.

Why is it that arthritis and joint problems are aggravated by cold and winter? Why is it some skin conditions are irritated by the dampness of St. Louis summer? There are simple explanations and answers based upon Acupuncture principals.

As your flowers start showing buds and you are prepping your starter plants for your garden, it is also time to prepare yourself and your health for the season of spring. Without too much Chinese medicine lingo, it is the season that the wood element is at it’s finest. What does this mean to you? The wood element is comprised of the energies of the Liver and Gall Bladder channels, both great channels of detoxification.

There is no argument that toxic load contributes to illness and that periodic “detoxing” is an incredible support to your health. Here is the clincher: If you are ever going to do a detox, spring is the prime time to do it. Your body is naturally cleaning house this time of year already. Supporting your body will give you even better results.

Please be warned, if you have a diagnosed “disease”, it is best that you are working with a holistic practitioner. Targeting certain organs and conditions is something I do in office to bring about specific results for my patients. Our local health food stores are filled with good short programs to fulfill the needs of a basic cleanse for general health. Take home point: commit to cleanse. You may not be bringing spring closer but most assuredly you will be drawing health closer.
Dr. Alethea Eller practices with Innovative Health Partners in Chesterfield MO. For more information go to www.innovativehp.com. 636.207.6600.

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