Infrared Saunas: Beneficial to Your Health or Just Hot Air?

Interest in far infrared saunas is really heating up among those seeking to improve their health naturally, and for good reason. Infrared saunas provide a host of benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, increasing the rate of calorie burn in the body, helping in detoxification, and in other areas. Holistic Fitness, in Shrewsbury, is one of a growing number of health facilities making this important therapy available to the general public.

An infrared sauna uses carbon heaters to emit radiant heat, which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike traditional saunas which heat the body indirectly via air or steam. Remember the way gym saunas assault you with a blast of hot air the minute you open the door? Infrared saunas are different in that the heat is penetrating to the body and muscles, but doesn’t create uncomfortably warm air around you. Therefore, it is easier to breathe for extended periods in infrared saunas than in conventional saunas.

Dr. Oz recently featured an infrared sauna on Oprah’s show. We were especially pleased with the segment, as the sauna he displayed is the very same sauna as the one we use at Holistic Fitness. The Sunlight Armana line is especially known for its superior carbon heating elements, providing one of the best levels of infrared penetration available. Dr Oz emphasized how comfortable it is to sit in an infrared sauna, and especially impressed Oprah when he pointed out the increased calorie burn possible in a sauna. He estimates that one session in the sauna could effectively encourage the body to burn 700 calories.

As with many centers nationwide, individuals can come to our clinic and purchase sauna access – no membership is necessary. You may pay for each use of the sauna individually, or buy a package of sauna visits for substantial savings. Appointments are required, so call 314-647-3999 before visiting the clinic.

We are especially excited to begin offering sauna services as it is the perfect complement to our primary therapies at Holistic Fitness. Patients come to our clinic for the detoxification benefits derived from massage and/or colon hydrotherapy. Following either of these services with a warm, relaxing sauna visit is the perfect way to enhance the detoxification process.
So, are infrared saunas just a bunch of hot air? Far from it – they have a host of proven health benefits. Look up the University of Missouri-Kansas City study proving the benefits of far infrared (again, this study uses the same sauna manufacturer as our equipment at Holistic Fitness).
Infrared saunas aren’t for everyone. We don’t recommend them for women who are pregnant; and patients with cardiovascular issues must first check with their doctor before using our sauna. For a complete list of contraindications, visit our website at www.holifit.com.

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