Childhood Obesity & The Transitions Lifestyle System

by Jane Arrington, R.N.

As parents we recognize that we pass on many of our mental, physical, and emotional characteristics to our children. It is perhaps not surprising that we might also be passing on to them a tendency to overeat.

Indeed, childhood obesity has become prevalent among both young children and adolescents. Children may be exposed to some of the same tendencies to overeat that affect us as adults, resulting in similar unhealthy eating patterns. We know that overweight adults experience increased health risks, but we are seeing a new set of disturbing outcomes in many obese children. Recent studies have demonstrated that children who are obese are experiencing early onset of the following health problems, many of which are usually associated with older individuals:
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Metabolic syndrome
• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Asthma
• Sleep disorders
• Early puberty
• Behavior problems
• Low self-esteem

The good news is that all of these health problems are treatable through weight management. At Transfigure Total Health we have developed an innovative program designed especially for children aged 10 to 17 called Transitions Lifestyle System. Building upon the same philosophy of permanent healthy change that we have seen work consistently with adults, we seek to promote similar healthy behaviors in children that will carry through to adulthood.

The Transitions Lifestyle System 12-week program:
• Has been designed with children, for the unique needs of children 10 to 17.
• Teaches goal-setting and planning skills.
• Includes personalized coaching
• Builds a healthy lifestyle and a positive self-image.
• Focuses on long-lasting change and personal achievement.

Children do not develop unhealthy eating patterns in isolation. What happens in a child’s immediate family can help or hinder positive change, therefore educating all family members in the ways of proper nutrition and healthy eating is an important component of this program. If we successfully prepare our children to make sensible nutritional and lifestyle decisions, we have provided the basis for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Please call (314) 304-3380 for additional information. Classes are forming now at: Transfigure Total Health, 7800 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63105 and The Boxing Gym, 14532 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO 63011.

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