ALCAT Test Checks Your Body’s Immune Response To 200 Foods

by Dr. Rosa Kincaid, M.D.

One man’s food is another man’s poison.” This is precisely how we defined the purpose of the ALCAT test. The concept that “good food, “ even when it is organic and “free range,” may be hurting you, is why everyone should have an ALCAT.

This amazing test checks your body’s immune response to 200 foods, food additives and colorings, environmental chemicals and medicinal herbs. The reaction you may be having to foods you are eating everyday cover many diseases and may be causing inflammation and chronic activation of the immune system including: digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, joint pain, skin problems and neurodegenerative disorders such as ADD, autism and many more.

The intolerance to foods, perfumes, metals and food additives does not follow the familiar route of what we know as “allergies.” Those reactions may involve swelling of the face and throat. Allergies usually involve a rash, itching, and can even trigger asthma. The allergies that the ALCAT tests for are actually food intolerances. The reactions may occur days after exposure making it impossible to determine what triggered that migraine, knee pain or that bout of depression.

The ALCAT test actually mixes your white blood cells, which are your body’s defense cells; with hundreds of foods, additives, medications and chemicals to see which substances your fighter cells attack. Your white blood cells will react to foods to which you are intolerant the same way they will attack a live virus or bacteria. If your immune system is chronically summoned each time you eat your favorite foods, or wear your favorite jewelry or use your favorite household cleaner, it will allow a wide range of degenerative disease and premature aging.

Once your food and chemical intolerances are determined by the ALCAT test, you are then placed on a rotation diet for three to six months. This rotation diet is fun and not too difficult to handle. Shopping cards and recipes can be made for those who request them. The results of following the rotation diet have been studied and documented. They are amazing. Weight loss for those who need it, increased muscle mass for those who don’t, are some of the many success stories reported. Most of all, wellness and prevention of debilitating disease comes to all those who give it their best try.
The ALCAT test is now being offered at Kincaid Medical Associates. Please stop by to find out what this test can do for you. Most insurance are accepted in our office. Now is the time to let your food be your best medicine.

For more information or to schedule an ALCAT test, contact Dr. Rosa Kincaid at Kincaid Medical Associates 314-531-0008 or visit www.drrosakincaid.com.

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