The Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT™) of Healing and Organ Function

By Dr. Joseph F. Unger Jr., DC

Sacro Occipital Technic is a system of diagnosis and treatment in chiropractic that incorporates multiple aspects of human functions. It integrates spine, muscle, nutrition, reflexology, cranial manipulation and other functions essential for the human healing process. This includes the relationship between the nervous system and the structure and function of all of the organs in the body.

SOT practitioners recognize that through the nervous system the spine has an effect upon the functioning of the organs. There is also a reflex effect upon the spine from organ function. This is why the area of the spine where the nerves go to the stomach becomes painful when the person has an ulcer. Low back pain can also be the result of colon issues, etc. Also subluxations or dysfunction of the spine can actually cause problems in organs. Many conditions can be positively affected by the proper treatment of the spine, pelvis, extremities and cranium (head). In other words, SOT can often provide effective therapy when many other modes of treatment do not provide optimum results or fail.

Everything in the body is influenced by the nervous system and the nerves register all functions in the body. Any time an organ or a system is overstressed; there will be a reaction through the nerves. This neurological reaction in turn triggers a reflex to tiny fibers that attach to the back of the head. These fibers can become irritated or even swollen and painful. They can also cause headaches. Many people report pains or sore spots on the back of the head. In the hands of the certified SOT physician these spots may be invaluable clues to your healthcare treatment program.
In SOT we call them occipital fibers because they attach to the occiput. The skilled doctor can use these fibers to diagnose the location of certain problems in the spine and related organ systems. This information in turn gives us insights into how to treat the condition and how to apply specific diet and nutritional support for optimal healing. The occipital fiber diagnosis provides us a greater chance to specifically design a treatment program for a given individual. It also gives us valuable information as to when the treatment program is actually achieving the desired results.
The occipital fibers are one of many tools that the SOT physician uses to design a treatment program that really works for you and your specific conditions.

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