The Hidden Cost of Healthcare

by Dr. Alethea Eller

I am still addicted to Seinfeld episodes after all these years. My sister and I joke that there is a Seinfeld episode appropriate for every event in life. One of my favorite episodes revolves around the Baby Label Maker, a gift that is sure to organize and increase function for any receiver. The show brings out the absurdity of human nature and bottom line it makes me laugh.
We often times find ourselves labeling out of function and efficiency. This is good. That is bad. I am right. You are wrong. Yes. No. These are all forms of labeling we use on a daily basis. All of this is good, right? Oh there we are doing it again! It seems to be subconscious for us. It is simply a way for our brain to organize information.

What is the big deal? When we buy into the world of labeling there is a cost, a hidden cost. In order for you to be right, someone else has to be wrong. For something to be good, there has to be a bad. Labeling carries judgment with it. When you hear a particular label, you have an automatic feeling towards it.

Western healthcare is built on this. You are told “you have X disease” (just fill in the blank). You have been given a label. Born out of function and efficiency, your label allows your doctors and insurance company to be on the same page. Remember there is a cost to this, an expensive cost. This very same label can take the hope of health away from many. Why have hope, when you have been given the harsh label of disease?

If you are a walking Baby label Maker, Eastern medicine will spin your head a little. The focus is on making connections in life and in health. I overlook the “good” and “bad”. Sure, your body may be expressing and showing symptoms (ones that you don’t care for). With careful examination we reveal these symptoms to be a way that the body communicates where it needs support.
Labeling may make the paperwork of healthcare more efficient however at what cost? When it comes to you, connect the symptoms. Be careful the hidden cost of healthcare can be health!
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