Take A Look at Eco-Friendly Xtrema Cookware at Healthy Planet Expo, Feb. 27

Creating a “Greener” home can begin in a room where many people spend a significant portion of their time: the kitchen. Xtrema’s collection of 100% ceramic skillets, woks, saucepans, bakeware and teaware advances “Green” agendas every time someone cooks with them.
The “Green” goal is that of “protecting the Earth and its people every day” and the Xtrema by Ceramcor cookware line that is sustainably made from natural minerals derived from the Earth’s crust, fully shares that dual mission. From its manufacturing process (clean burning with natural gas) to its finished products (which are non-toxic, PFOA-free and never release toxins, odors, metal byproduct or gases into the food or air), Ceramcor is fully committed to Earth Day’s mission of promoting a sustainable environment and healthy way of life.

Because it never leaches any metal or chemicals into the food cooked in it, Xtrema produces a healthier and better-tasting finished product that maintains its ingredients true flavor. In addition the Xtrema products can go from the stove / oven / BBQ grill, to the table, into the microwave and even into the refrigerator / freezer, it saves consumers both money and energy costs. And less energy used, in turn, yields another positive impact on the Earth.

The newest additions to the Xtrema by Ceramcor cookware line are the innovative Flair skillets. Featuring low rounded sides and a PFOA-free non-stick service, the Flair skillets make cooking and cleaning simple, healthy and 100% green.

GREEN supporters who want to show their support of the environment all year round can learn more about Ceramcor’s Xtrema cookware, including the latest Flair line at http://www.Ceramcor.com.
Ceramcor’s founder brings 32 years in the glass ceramics business to the corporate helm. The company manufactures the Xtrema line of high-temperature ceramic cookware with the versatility to go on top of the stove, under the broiler, in the dishwasher and in the refrigerator/freezer. The skillets, woks, ,saucepans, bakeware and teaware that Ceramcor produces surpass the cooking performance and benefits of their competition. The company’s vision is to make its Xtrema products the healthiest ceramic products in the market for both its customers and the planet. Ceramcor also strives to develop the safest and most versatile cooking alternative versus metal and PFOA-coated non-stick cookware.

For additional information and to purchase, please visit www.Ceramcor.com. You can see a display of Xtrema cookware at The Healthy Planet Expo, Feb. 27 in Webster Groves.

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