Nutritional Response Testing™ Safe, Natural and Effective Personalized Health Improvement

by Dr. Sarah Wilmsmeyer, PharmD

Are you worried about your health, the health of your children, or your grandchildren?
Have you been to other health care professionals who have only been able to cover-up your symptoms?

Are you tired of being sick, feeling unwell or just plain sick and tired?
Do you suffer with a chronic disease that other professionals are only able to guess at?
Are you tired of people telling you that you should take a one-size-fits-all pill?
Do you take vitamins, exercise regularly, and eat well but don’t feel like you are as healthy as you should be?

If any of these apply to you and you are interested in an effective way of addressing your health, I would like to introduce you to Nutrition Response Testing™. Nutrition Response Testing™ utilizes a form of applied kinesiology generally known as muscle testing and your body’s central nervous system to address your body’s imbalances and correct its operation. Your central nervous system controls your body’s involuntary functions such as digestion, hormone regulation, heart and breathing rates, immune response, and so forth. Nutrition Response Testing™ can help you feel good again and achieve optimum health. Nutrition Response Testing™ provides a safe, natural and effective personalized health improvement program.

My reason for getting into Nutrition Response Testing™ was that it made sense. It provided a means for me to actually look at what I was putting into my body and a way to handle those things making me ill. As a patient myself, I didn’t want to fall into the same trap that my parents had. I’ve seen them struggle with high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, arthritis and weight issues. As a pharmacist I saw patients with questions that I couldn’t answer, questions as to why they had symptoms. Nor could I give them an effective way to relieve their symptoms. Nutrition Response Testing™ has provided that answer.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Sarah, PharmD, call Nutritional Wellness Centre at 314-567-7300. We are located at 2108 Schuetz Rd, Maryland Heights MO 63146 inside of Metro Chiropractic. Mention this article for a 50% discount off your initial consultation (a savings of $62.50, normally $125).

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