Irresistible Community Builders Presents: Jobs + Owning a Business = Sustainability (JOBS)

by Tom & Carol Braford

We keep hearing everywhere that we need more jobs! We need to remember, however, that having a job is just a means to an end. What we really need is a way to support ourselves and our families. Hopefully, we can work in a field that we have prepared for and are interested in with opportunities to learn new things and advance. Usually this means we work for someone else or start a business on our own.

Most of us would also like a work environment where we are contributing to society and making a real difference. It also would be nice if that job provided some security in the form of benefits and some assurance that the job and the company are going to be around long enough to make good on these when needed. It would be even better if we could work with colleagues, managers and coworkers that we are compatible with and share some sense of mission with.

You say that you have been looking and such a job opening does not exist and you cannot afford to go into business on your own? Well, you need not despair because now you can create a senior position for yourself if you have some skills, training or experience and some time or other resources you could invest in your own future while creating entry level positions for others.
Irresistible Community Builders is now forming a complement of cooperatively owned and managed ventures as we develop and build out the Culver Way Ecovillage and a network of Integral Urban Ecovillages. If you are interested in a career in any of the following fields as a co-owner or have a business idea that you are committed to that would fit in well with Integral Urban Ecovillage development, please let us know.

Co-op ventures are now forming in sustainable real estate development, green construction, urban farming, micro utilities and the establishment of a K-3 charter school, caf_, restaurant, bakery, micro brewery, micro business mall and a whole lot more. Abundant financing and markets are assured for well structured ventures.

If you are interested, join us on February 19th for our regular monthly tour and open house at 11:00 followed by a potluck lunch.

Culver Way Ecovillage: Tom & Carol Braford, www.CulverWayCohousing.com, braford@sbcglobal.net, 314-534-4780.

Green Beings Urban farm: Jess Peter, www.greenbeings-stl.com, greenbeings@gmail.com.

Visit our booth at the Healthy Planet Natural Living Expo, Sunday, Feb. 27, 10 am to 4 pm at the Webster Groves Recreation Center, 33 E. Glendale Rd. 63119

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